Journey Kids

Visiting us for the first time? No fear!

Children are a part of our family whether they are attending the service or in their own class.  They are important members of our own body.  It isn’t just about the children coming so we can teach them. We receive them and they also teach us.  They fill out the full body of Christ even as infants.  We are expanding out hearts even in that process.  Being with children is good for everyone.  Family is not a family without children so we celebrate the kids that are at Journey.  They are a very welcomed part of our Journey family.  Children have a valid opportunity to have a relationship with Jesus too!  


Kids First Time guest


The safety of your child’s is our utmost concern.

Volunteers at Journey Kids are trained to create an atmosphere where families can confidently leave their children while they are in service. 


In our children’s classes, we focus on their relationship with Jesus and how they can grow to know Jesus themselves. We are intentional about creating a safe, loving and inviting experience where they feel loved by adults around them.  Jesus is invited into that relationship.  In the way we feel cherished by adults, Jesus cherishes us.  Jesus is a part of this loving encounter.  

Safety at The Bridge Kids


We’re raising up the next generation of world changers to love God and the church!